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I Am Definitely Not Doing That

My goal in this campaign is to earn the trust of voters, which requires meeting more people.

Several individuals have suggested that I should start knocking on doors to introduce myself. There is no way I am doing that.

The reason is because that’s not our culture. People do not want anyone showing up unannounced, especially not strangers!

We could have a whole discussion about how our society has changed from one of shared social interests to a diverse range of interests, about whether or not that is a good thing. But that’s for another day, if ever.

More importantly, to me the door knocking thing is emblematic of the issues we face in politics today. When I pointed this out to the people who suggested door knocking, they all agreed that maybe it wasn’t a great idea. No wonder politics is broken: even our initial feelings about how to do it don’t make any sense.

I’ll be out and about, to be sure. More on that soon.

But in the meantime, whoever is knocking on your door is definitely not me.

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