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And Now It’s Postponed Indefinitely

I wrote this enormous post about the event planned for Friday, which is now apparently either cancelled or postponed. So I suppose now it doesn’t matter any more.

Except, I think it does, because it follows the pattern of so much political garbage we encounter these days. And while the two main sides are very different, the patterns they use are often the same.

The crucial element of this story is that a group is outraged about something that happened, but if you look into the details, it didn’t actually happen.

It’s made up. Or at the very least, massively overblown. In this case, it’s about education. Schools aren’t actually teaching/doing the thing they say they are teaching/doing.

How are we supposed to have a real dialogue about the merits or weaknesses of ideas in these situations? We can’t.

Which may be the point. Because it you have to have a real argument, you might lose. But if you get to be outraged about something (whether it’s really happening or not), you win.

Outrage always wins. And when it does, everyday people like you and me—we lose.

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