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Tell a Friend. Really.

Every two years, political attack ads fill your timeline and your TV. All of the time, politicians stuff your mailboxes with junk. And rarely is any of this with your explicit permission.

I don’t want to do any of that. Forcing people to look at my content (especially content designed to make you afraid or angry) feels pretty counterproductive. And plus, those ads rarely say much anyhow. [1]

Instead, I want you to tell a friend about me. You can do this by telling all your friends at once (on social media) or one at time (in person, or over a text or a call.)

Here’s something you could say:

Hi. I want to tell you about this person I am following. His name is Robby Slaughter and he is running for Congress in Indiana. He is an Independent and is running on word-of-mouth only with no budget, and is not accepting donations. Check him out at

I get that this is hard. In fact I think it’s way harder than supporting a mainstream candidate. I think it’s more difficult than pitching in a few bucks for a cause you support, because you can do that in private.

I want you to tell people about me because that is honest. Sure, I think I would be good at this job. But what matters is what you think.

I’m not even trying to mask the number of subscribers I have to this blog. [2] Because the truth is that important.

And I think—and I hope you agree—this is a message worth sharing.


[2] Four, as of this moment.

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  1. Scott

    Good luck!

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