On Stage and On Course

I am not yet an official candidate in the election (still a few more signatures to go.) That means when there is an event with all of the primary challengers, I don’t get invited.

But that changed at a forum hosted Kokomo. I got to be on the stage. Here’s the full video:

Courtesy Bible Baptist Church Kokomo.

I’ve not been focusing much on publicity, because the general public hearing about me doesn’t help me get on the ballot. The only way to sign the form is in person, and it’s lot easier to go places where people will be than it is to try and get strangers to track me down.

CAN-19 form to get on the ballot as an independent candidateBut after this forum, dozens of people came up. They all wanted a clipboard and a pen. They liked what I had to say at least enough to want to see me on the ballot in November.

Which should be no surprise, because more of us identify as Independents than either party any longer. In fact, that has been the case for a while now and it’s only become more dramatic:

More of us are independents than either R’s or D’s. Which means more us should be running and winning elections.

See you on the trail!

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