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How It Started, How It’s Going

Phase 1: Ask people to sign my petition to get on the ballot.

Phase 2: Get elected.

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin 10,000Raised Signatures: 4,560 towards the Signatures: 10,000 target.Signatures: 4,560Raised Signatures: 4,560 towards the Signatures: 10,000 target.46%

Every day I ask people to sign the form that allows me to get on the ballot. My goal is 10,000 signatures. That way I have far more than is needed because the Election Office will undoubtedly reject some of them for being unreadable or invalid [1].

How many signatures do I need? I’ve been saying 7,000 but it’s hard to know for sure. So my stretch goal is 10,000.

I’ll keep this post updated. And if you can help, please consider volunteering.

? Nov 2023: 2,083
31 Mar 2024: 3,251
17 May 2024: 4,560
4 Jun 2024: 5,125
9 Jun 2024, 5,473
13 Jun 2024: 5,577

It was 2,083 last time I counted (Nov 2023). Then it was 3,251 as of the end of March. As of May 17, 2024 it is 4,560.


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