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Of Course You Think I’m Foolish

I was reading about this French police officer named Alphonse Bertillon. About his life, about his work. I imagined all of Alfie’s friends down at the café. I bet they made fun of him. I assume they would tell jokes at his expense. And also, his pals surely worried about poor Alfie when he was away.

Because Alphonse Bertillon started his career at the Prefecture of Police in Paris back in 1879. And he had this absolutely out-of-this-world notion that you could keep track of criminals that were repeat offenders. So he invented the idea of taking and tracking body measurements. Of carefully posed photographs we know as mugshots. Of using a bit of ink to do something called fingerprinting.

No wonder they thought he was nuts.

I get if if you’re a little concerned about me. This idea of mine—regular person running for Congress as an independent with no real budget—I understand if you’re shaking your head. Oh, Robby.

But I feel a bit like Alphonse Bertillon. And while I recognize it’s egotistical to compare myself to him, it’s not like you had heard of him either.

Yet, he must have believed in himself, despite all the pushback and the low probabilities. He must have had people who listened, who helped, who spread the word.

So that’s what I’m doing, too. I know some of you might be worried about me. But I believe that this—a regular person running for Congress as an independent with no real budget—this is possible. I think it’s something you and I can do.

Thanks, Alfie.


  1. Lori E

    I believe in you Robby!

    1. Robby Slaughter

      Thank you, Lori.

  2. PJ

    Sure you can run. But does it matter, unless you can win? Mostly to you, I think. It’s probably an interesting exercise. I feel like it’d be a great assignment for a poli-sci or government course in college: run for an office. Are you going to change the world? maybe. Will you learn something? Definitely.

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