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I Lost My Car Keys

It happened earlier today. I was bringing a bunch of things inside and I must have dropped them. This is because my keychain is damaged and the car keys can slip off. I’ve been meaning to fix this, of course, but we all know how that goes. We all have tasks we are planning to do but haven’t gotten to just yet. I need to repair a part of my keys.

Once I realized they were missing, I began to look for them. I checked inside and out, in the hallway and the stairwell. I peered under the car and in the grass nearby. Nothing.

And then when I gave up to go back inside, I found the tiny, oval-shaped device sitting neatly on the concrete trim outside the building. Someone had found it and placed it there, hoping the owner would see it. Which I did. And now I can drive my car again.

The reason I am telling you this story is because there was a stranger who did the right thing. And I think stories like this are actually quite common. People do the right thing all the time. They turn in wallets and keys to the lost and found. They help strangers. They hold doors and carry packages and let other people go first. They give to charities, say prayers, and are kind when no one is watching.

If you watch the news, you’re likely to think that most people are horrible. But if you lose your keys, there’s a surprisingly good chance that anyone who finds them will try to help.

Which is why I think there’s hope for politics. Most people are good. Even if we’re often told they aren’t.

Thank you to whoever found my keys.

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