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Obvious Questions

When you tell people you’re running for office, they usually run the other way.

But if they don’t escape the conversation, they have questions. Like why.

We all probably would benefit from to asking ourselves why more often in daily life. But for the would-be elected official, this question is the first and the most important. It’s the one I asked myself in order to get here. Why am I running for office?

My answer is this: I think I can help.

That’s not the usual answer. The usual answer is something about being called to public service. Or about being fed up with the incumbent (who is from that other party.)

I think I can help because of who I am, but also who I am not. I am not wealthy, nor am I a Democrat or a Republican. I am not a career politician or even an attorney. I have not had exceptional success among my peers. And I do not come from a political family.

I am a lot more like you.

I think unconnected, non-political people who aren’t rich are the most common, and most underrepresented group in America.

I’m running for us. Because we, the people, need more of us.

That’s why. Next question?

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