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An Anti-Announcement

Hello friends.

I’m writing this short post to make a private decision public. I intend to run as an independent for the U.S. Congress in 2022.

These proclamations are typically made in large public events with speeches and banners and rally signs. There’s supposed to be hundreds of people, media coverage, and an outline of the candidate’s platform listed in handy, bumper-sticker-sized slogans. And, of course, there are the appeals for donations.

You know this. You’ve seen it all before. And I’m not sure it’s really working that well for any of us.

Which is why I am making an anti-announcement. Because right now, this is not a big deal. Right now, it’s only a speck of an idea. There’s nothing to celebrate yet.

For it to become something, I have to convince you—and hundreds of thousands of other people—that I am worthy of your trust. That I will listen and learn. That I know I have work to do and I will do that work. That this campaign isn’t about me, but about you.

That’s an enormous ask, which is why I am not asking for anything else.

That’s it for now. More, of course, is to come. Thank you for reading.

Happy Independence Day.


  1. Cody Sharp

    Yes! Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Lori Ecker

    I’m thrilled to hear this and will follow and support you.

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