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Not on Broadcast

There are about six people reading these dispatches at the moment I am writing this one. That’s because as of this moment, I have only shown them to a small group of those individuals closest to me.

One of them asked, “Why aren’t you posting these on Facebook?”

I do think it’s true that if I went to social media with each small update, more people would be here. Certainly, more people would know that I am running. But if that’s the goal, then I should also go to Twitter. And send out texts to acquaintances. And drop postcards in the mail. And buy ads.

If I were launching a product or starting a business or engaging in a major social event, I would do those things. But this—running for Congress—doesn’t feel like something that I should be widely promoting…at least not yet.

Instead, what I am hoping is that I’m onto something: the idea of an honest politician. That maybe the half dozen or so people who read this post will talk to their closest contacts. Their sister, their spouse, or best friend. In private, I think, is often best to start. But if anybody should be broadcasting on Facebook about me and my campaign right now, I think it should be the people who know me best. If they trust me, and their closest loves trust them, and so on and so on—we all really are onto something.

If you’re reading this, please talk about me behind my back. Or talk to me directly. Ask me questions. Help me understand how I can inspire you to trust me.

Because if there is trust, there can be hope. And if there is hope today, then we can all foresee better, more peaceful tomorrows.

This is what I believe.

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