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I am Not Special

I am huge fan of Wikipedia. And here’s one page I like on the site, which is actually an index page: List of United States Political Families.

Obviously, my point is that there isn’t a Slaughter there. I’m not part of a political family. [1] I am not special. Which, soberingly enough, is mostly what you and I have in common. We are not special. We are regular people, who are non-wealthy. And while I am different in that I am running for Congress, that was a decision—not a forgone conclusion.

And isn’t that how it was supposed to be? It’s one thing for Archie Manning to be the father to Eli and Peyton [2]. But didn’t our founders get tired of kings and queens running the show?

In any case, the important note remains: I am not special. Which is another reason to consider trusting me. I am, to be brutally clear, not like the others.

I’m more like you.

[1] There have been two members of Congress with my surname (Louise Slaughter of New York, and Robert C. Slaughter of Missouri.) The acting chair of the Federal Trade Commission is Rebecca Kelly Slaughter. I do not believe I am related to any of them.


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