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This Date is Why I Am Here

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It took me most of 2021 to realize something about myself. The reason I low-key blew up my otherwise good life to run for Congress is because of what happened one year ago. Last January 6th, a thousand people stormed the U.S. Capitol. That was a watershed moment for me. But not because it highlighted just how delusional so many Americans are about what is really happening in our country. Rather, because 1/6 proved that we aren’t listening to each other anymore.

Listening. Remember that? When people with different backgrounds and points of view would try to understand each other. When we would take their claims seriously. When we would investigate in good faith, and we would use the democratic process to find a workable compromise.

But we don’t listen any longer. That’s what 1/6 showed. Instead we all retreated to our respective corners, decided that the other side was nuts, and were convinced that the events of that day and the aftermath are further proof that we are right.

What would be hilariously ironic–if this were a time for comedy–is that nearly all of us agree on some basics. We agree that democracy is in mortal danger. We agree that some powerful people are ignoring the law and getting away with it. We agree that there is dangerous propaganda out there and that millions are falling for it.

We want our country back. The country where we, the people, were in control. Where those in public office did what they were supposed to do, and were held accountable if they didn’t. Where loyalty to each other, to our nation, to our allies—that meant more than allegiance to some political party.

America is in trouble. Our future is bleak. And the career politicians who got us here, most of them can’t be trusted to help us find the way.

That’s why I am running. Because the people who are supposed to lead our country are failing. If America is going to endure, it’s up to us.

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  1. Derek McClain

    So true. More listening and real, constructive conversations need to take place…especially with people from different places with opposing viewpoints. Thanks for all you’re doing!

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