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This Campaign is Working (And What’s Next)

Let’s review:

  1. I’m running for U.S. Congress.
  2. I have no background in politics.
  3. I’m not raising money or spending oodles of my own money.
  4. I’m promoting my campaign by word-of-mouth.
  5. It’s working.

Why do I know I’m getting traction? Lots of reasons. But first my favorite, which is data. Here’s a quick snapshot from the dashboard of my campaign website:

Ten thousands views is solid. Over three hundred visitors is solid too. And its not just here. Take a look at something from my campaign Facebook page:

And it’s not only online. I’m going to lots of community events and people recognize me from the last community event. Simply by showing up at town council meetings, for example, I’m doing something that other candidates aren’t doing.

Slow and steady progress is appealing. What I need next is to get the message out to more people in huge waves. Being retweeted by someone who has a few more followers than I do. Getting more coverage in the media. Finding a way to get exposure.

Obviously, everybody is trying to do this. If you work for a company or a non-profit, part of the budget goes to marketing. Zillions of dollars are dedicated to advertising, including roughly $10 billion per cycle on political campaigns [1]. Lots of people spend their entire working life trying to promote brands, products, or services to the general public. It’s not easy to do, and it’s definitely not easy to get a “big win” and “go viral.”

But I think I have an advantage over someone who is trying to sell a gadget or get people to listen to their podcast. I think I even have an advantage over all of those other candidates who are members of big political parties. Because I’m doing what all of us want: telling the truth. And I am not asking for your money, but only that you spread the word.

Which again, seems to be working. So pass this along to someone you know. “Regular guy running for Congress as an Independent, not raising money, not pushing a partisan agenda, who isn’t lying all the time.”

Bigger moves are coming. And I need from you is to keep spreading the word.


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