The Biggest Problem

Running for Congress as an Independent is not that hard. There will be some forms to fill out (in early 2022) and also some signatures to collect.

But winning is nearly impossible. And the reason for that is because of one word: scale.

The size of this project is huge. There are 585,000 people that I want to connect with. That’s the number of eligible voters. The election is next November. So that’s more than a thousand people a day.

There is an obvious solution. What typically happens in a run for U.S. Congress is that a ton of money is spent on advertising and canvassing. This is what tips the needle toward the R or the D. Not real conversations about how our laws and government work today and could be changed, but relentless attack spots on TV. Constant appeals for donations clogging social media timelines. No substance. Zero.

I think there’s power in everyday people saying “no thanks” to that playbook. Not another party hack running for office. Not more guilt-tripping you to hand over more of your own money.

This is where you come in. I can’t talk to 1,000 people a day. But you (all) can. You can share these little notes with your friends. You can post them on your social networks.

And it’s also time to start getting people together. Have a party in your backyard or living room and invite me. I just want 10 minutes to talk and take questions.

I think we’re all ready for something different. Let’s go.

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