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One Vote at a Time

At the corner of 10th and Sherman on the east side of Indianapolis, there’s a quotation stenciled onto the part of the overpass:

Whatever you do in life may well be insignificant but it is very important that you do it.


This is not a great part of town. Crime here is about three times the national average. And I don’t know who is reading these words as they drive, pedal, or walk by.

But I do know that I find them inspiring. Not just for this campaign, where I am trying to talk to voters every day. But also for every decision in life. Do I hit the snooze button or do get up and go? Do I eat an extra dish of ice cream or do I make smarter choices? Am I thinking of others with each individual action I take, or I am thinking only of myself?

Maybe all politicians have these questions running through their minds. I do not know.

But what I do know is that everyday people do. The individuals I know and love, the parents and children and employees and caretakers and business owners all around us–these are people who are doing things with great intention.

So, I am going to keep writing. I am going to keep listening to others and talking to them. Because none of this may be significant in the end.

But it is significant right now.

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