How You Can Help, Legally

If you’re having trouble sleeping, my advice is to open Title 52 of the US Code, Section 30101, and read about election law. You’ll be zonked out instantly.

In fact it’s so complicated that the Federal Election Commission has put together a website that tries to explain the law (and how its been interpreted), and it’s still quite complex. They note, for example, that you have to track campaign contributions and if something is given to the campaign without being paid for, that’s still an “in-kind” contribution. But if someone volunteers their time, that’s not a contribution. But if they do something they would normally do as part of their business, that is a contribution.

Anyway, I made a flyer that you can download and print out and hand to people. And I really have no idea if this counts as a campaign contribution or not. I am telling you to do it, so that would be “coordination”, which usually means it is a contribution. So, maybe we have to file paperwork if you give someone a flyer that you printed on your own?

None of this makes much sense. Which is why I am running for Congress, because the laws about everything–including the laws about elections–should definitely make sense.

And if you’re an election lawyer and have an answer, feel free to get in contact. But please let me know if that advice counts as a donation. I guess that’s something I have to find out.

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