Apathy is Reality

Most people don’t care about politics. This is an undeniable fact, but when I talk about this campaign with people who do like politics, they often get a little frustrated with me. They want me to join a political party, move to a different district, or pick their-side-and-not-the-other-side on a bunch of issues that don’t actually have exactly two sides. They want me to get into their way of thinking and doing politics.

But these political types are the exception. Most people don’t care about politics. Most people are apathetic.

The usual plea is that you should be thinking about it because it’s so important and fundamental. That politics is personal, that laws and government are hugely important. The main persuasive argument here is guilt. Or fear.

But I disagree. Politicians have not given you much reason to believe that your involvement in politics actually matters. They have been taking money, doing what the people with the money want, and being less than honest along along the way.

So it makes sense that most people don’t care about politics. And while I would love for you to find it fascinating, we aren’t there yet.

First you have to trust that a politician is actually listening. And so, here we are.

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