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Answering the Questions

If there’s anything politicians are known for, it’s finding a way not to answer the questions they have been asked. The art of spin is coming across as confident, knowledgeable, passionate, and empathetic without ever really giving a straight answer.

That’s got to change. I want to answer questions with precision. I aim to tell you exactly what I think. And that includes when what I think is, frankly, that I don’t know.

That also means getting ahead of the process. As with every election cycle, the newspapers will ask all the candidates to answer a series of standard questions. And incredibly, many of the candidates don’t reply to the requests on time.

For 2020, the Current in Carmel asked a total of eight questions. [1] Let’s start with the first, and probably most important one: Why do you want to run for office?

The best way to answer any question is to do so in waves, each one larger and more impactful than the last.

Why do I want to run for office? I believe that people like me—-non-partisan, open-minded independents—-are the people who have the best chance of doing the most good.

Why do I want to run for office? I believe the fundamental problem is not differences in policy, but that the public does not trust in the individuals and institutions who make up our government. Without trust, we are forever trapped in this endless war of fear and lies. I am running to earn your trust.

Why do I want to run for office? Because of ten words: If not now, then when? If not you, then who? This is where we are as a country and a community. We have to stop lying to each other and about each other, and the time to do so is now.

Why do I want to run for office? I am a helper. I am a listener. I am learning every day and am ready to learn more. I am a person that you can trust to tell you the truth, to ask good, fair questions, and to act and vote honorably.

Why do I want to run for office? To serve.

There are seven more questions the Current asked, which I will cover in posts to come. But I am not done answering this first one. I will be answering the question why do you want to run for Congress until the election is over.

Because if you trust that my why is the truth, then you can trust every word that I say from that point on. And that’s where we have to begin: with trust.


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