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Republicans and Democrats AGREE on More Issues Than You’re

The media constantly portrays both political parties as “polar opposites”, but the truth is that they are much more alike you’ve probably heard. Republicans and Democrats agree on many things and that’s the problem. While they try to distract you with culture wars and identity politics, politicians refuse to tackle the critical needs that affect day-to-day life in America. Instead, most of them focus on getting rich on backroom deals, insider trading, and lobbying.

Republicans and Democrats AGREE that our debt and deficit don’t matter!

You’ve heard that Republicans are the “responsible party” when it comes to spending, but the deficit has increased under recent Republican administrations.Ronald Reagan increased it from $78.9 billion to $152.6 billion. George H.W. Bush increased it from $255 billion to $290.3 billion. George W. Bush started with a surplus and increased the deficit to $1.41 trillion, and Donald Trump took the deficit from $441.9 billion to $1.1 trillion at the end of his presidency. Don’t be fooled, whichever party is elected, the national debt will keep getting worse. (Source: PolitiFact)

Republicans and Democrats AGREE that real education doesn’t matter!

Republicans and Democrats both use the public education system as a political punching bag to push their agendas. Meanwhile, America is behind Japan, China, Finland, Macao, and Estonia in math and science. Our math and reading scores have FALLEN over the last three years, and we are facing the largest teacher shortage in history. Taking our public education seriously is critical for the long term competitiveness of America, and neither party has a plan for this crisis. (Source: USAfacts, OEDC)

Republicans and Democrats AGREE that we should do nothing about immigration!

Immigration is a double-edged sword for our economy. While the crossings at the southern border present an urgent crisis that needs to be addressed, legal immigration is critical to our success in a global market. Neither party is willing to come to the table to draft reforms. Neither party is talking about what to do with the 12 MILLION people who have been here unlawfully for decades. The stalemate benefits them but hurts our citizens and our economy. Source: (Congressional Integrity Project)

Republicans and Democrats AGREE that only the rich matter!

When the wealthiest 10% (or lobbying groups) are in support of a policy shift, studies show the change ends up happening the majority of the time.  But, when generally 90% of Americans think a policy is a good idea, it has less than half that chance of being passed. It’s clear that politicians don’t care much about your views unless you’re rich. (Source: Cambridge University Press)

Republicans and Democrats AGREE that you should PAY to file taxes!

Ever wonder why you have to pay a company like H&R Block or TurboTax to file your taxes when the IRS has all your tax information anyway? Even worse, if you make a mistake, you are on the hook for the fees and penalties for not telling the IRS what they already know. Well, the truth is that tax filing companies lobby and bribe Congress to keep tax filing from being free. All the while, other countries’ “tax season” simply involves getting a letter with your tax filing already completed, and all you have to do is agree or disagree with it. (Source: The Conversation)


While politicians and the media are trying to distract you with nonsense, Congress keeps on stuffing their pockets. Stop falling for the drama and understand that our two-party system is keeping corrupt politicians safe from the public view. As long as they keep pointing the finger at each other, Americans keep thinking “my team is fine, it’s the other team that’s the problem.” Meanwhile, Republicans and Democrats get to pat each other on the back behind closed doors and get rich on your distraction.


We need leadership that won’t take the “drama bait,” and focus on issues that actually matter and affect
your day-to-day life.
Let’s make our economy work for the middle-class again. Let’s take our education
seriously. Let’s take on the bureaucracies that bog-down small businesses and families. Let’s get some
common sense back in Washington!