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Hi. Thanks for being willing to talk about me on social media, or wherever it is that you see people you know.

(If you want to be reminded about volunteering, fill out this form.)

What I ask is that you do not feel constrained. Say whatever, whenever. If you’re looking for ideas, tell people how you know me, and what you’ve seen of me. Tell them about yourself and what you think about politics. Whatever comes to mind. (For example, here’s what one friend wrote, unprompted.)

I am on Facebook at Robby Slaughter for Congress. Clicking there and following the page helps. Sharing it helps more.

On Twitter @robbyslaughter. On YouTube /robbyslaughter. My Instagram is personal, because not everything is a branding exercise.

Doing this makes a difference. Because you’re not usually the kind of person to promote a candidate for public office. And I’m not usually the kind of person to run for public office.

Thank you.