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Attention is the most valuable commodity in the world. Everyone with money is trying to get your attention. And you, the person reading this message, you have connections to some great people. There are people you could call right now who would answer. They wouldn’t screen your call. They wouldn’t text you back. They would pick up the phone.

That’s a person who is going to listen to you if you say, “Hey, I know this guy Robby Slaughter, he is running for U.S. Congress.” It’s a thing you’re bringing up. It’s what you’re talking about right now. It’s what’s new in your life for this fleeting moment. You heard about a regular guy taking a real shot at D.C.

I need you call those people. Or text them. Or whatever it is you do to talk to them. Ask them if they want to meet me.

Because you are special to some people. And that’s how we change something we all want: how we get more normal people into politics.

Please tell them, as soon as you can. And if you want to be reminded about volunteering in this way, please fill out this form.

Thank you.