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There’s the organic process of the campaign. Meeting people through people. Being in random places and bumping into strangers. The random web of opportunity.

Then there is the ordered process. Who gets a follow up, and when? Where does the data go? Do I save this business card? Which events should I be targeting? What do public elementary school principals know that Congress doesn’t, and how many are there in the District? Would any of them speak to me? Would all of them for 10 minutes each?

If you liked these questions. If you wanted an answer to any of them, or if you thought “oh, obviously the campaign has an answer for that”—then some volunteer admininstrative tasks might be a good match for you.

Or if you enjoy editing text or video or audio. Or if you like to make checklists and cross things off. Or if you want to schedule appointments. Or anything that sounds to you like it might help me.

Please contact me with your ideas. Or your skills. Or both!