I am not accepting nor soliciting any campaign donations.

What would I do with your money? I could run advertisements, but those are only going to annoy people. I could hire staff, but I think they would be mostly focused on asking for money. And as I said, most of that money would go to advertising.

I’ve written about money and campaigns several times: See The Biggest Problem, No Money Means More People, Money is a wonderful thing. Except in politics. But in short, we all wish politicians would focus on helping people and less on asking for donations.

Which brings me to my next topic: volunteering. If you like me and what I am doing, how can you volunteer?

By doing the hardest thing possible: showing you trust me. Telling people about this campaign. Putting my name into other people’s ears. Sharing my posts on social media.

Your trust is the most valuable thing you have to offer. And if you’re ready, tell people that you trust me, and why.

That’s the best thing you can do for me as a volunteer. Spread the word.